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Extend Your Reach and Grab More Eyeballs!

It’s hard to know with every business using the same tools and measurements to guide marketing decisions - but are they getting what they need from their services? On average, most businesses ...

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[Recap Webinar] The marketing tools of 2016

nouveaux outils new marketing tools 2016
This morning Visiblee hosted a Webinar in French about the new marketing tools of 2016 that will help you improve your results. We thought it was unfair that the non-French speaking readers we have couldn’t follow so we decided to make a short summary of what was said. Below are five marketing tools you should know about.

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Big Data as a marketing tool

Big Data marketing
Big Data is a very trendy concept… People have accepted it as large bubble of data collected from individuals and used by companies. It is particularly efficient to help marketing actions and redefined what marketing is. It is easier, faster, has more impact… B2B marketers gained a lot from it. In this article I will talk about what it actually changed in the daily life of a marketer.

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