Discover Visiblee Colibri, the brand new version of Visiblee’s groundbreaking lead generation software

After over 1 950 hours of work by designers, developers and data scientists, we’re proud to announce the launch of the latest version of Visiblee: Visiblee Colibri.



Visiblee Colibri is faster, more precise, and has a totally new interface with a new workflow and great design.

Some of the new features in Visiblee Colibri:

  • New interface with up to date, great design.
  • New workflow inspired by the intuitive workflow of the email inbox.
  • New, more precise scoring algorithm applied to each individual lead.
  • An immediate overview of all identified leads retargeted by a lead nurturing program.
  • An enriched database of decision makers with tens of thousands of additional email addresses.
  • The possibility to delete uninteresting leads allowing the solution to use Machine Learning to detect your preferred leads.
  • The possibility for the sales team to accept or refuse a lead thus engaging them in the lead management process.
  • A new version of the lead filter with a possibility to filter by location, page viewed or clicks in emails.

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