What’s New in SEO?

As a marketer in the internet, most of the job entails maintaining and increasing SEO . We have all worked really hard to figure out this system and we did it! But now the game has changed. New algorithms and different social media platforms have been added to the mix, there is a whole new set of rules to learn and implement. 

The New Meaning of Search

The ‘Search’ in Search Engine Optimization used to mean your first place to look for answers (ie Google, Yahoo or Bing) and searching for the information that you needed that way. Now people are asking for help. Voice search is the newest way people are getting their information and it’s changing how we interpret the information that it gives us. Search analytics from all over the world. The best way you can help your audience find your content is what they are saying. This gives you the information you need to write using keywords that would be used by the people who are searching for it.

And Add a Few More Engines to the Mix …

Even the idea of what an engine is is changing as it’s formed was mostly Google and Youtube. Now, social media sites like Facebook and even Twitter are playing a role in redirecting analytics. Searching for information on social media is the new addition in search options that your market is using to locating what they need. This switch is giving marketers more information than ever before regarding where they can reach their markets and how they can reach them within seconds of their search. The best way to get this information for yourself is to do a little research and see what’s out there. Think about which social outlets your target market would use and what they would use for your business. It’s also important to have social platforms as possible. Creating a simple YouTube video answering questions or a tweet chats are a great way to get started! Monitoring as much of the analytics coming from these new search engines is crucial for success.

Clear Concise and Everything Nice

Optimizing your market is still important in getting the content you’re putting out there to the people looking for it. The best way to do this is by creating content that is structured in such a way that all search engines can locate it and serve it up to your potential customers when they are searching for relevant terms. The goal as a content creator is to create optimized content that can be found through as many different types of searches for your product as possible. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your website is running fast. It needs to load rapidly, be coded clearly, have quality security and be mobile friendly. That’s the new minimum standard.  Getting your leads to click your link is as far as your keywords will get you. Having all of these basic elements in place will help immensely with optimization.



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