Getting Leads is Easy With Facebook Ads & These Steps!

As marketing and gathering leads becomes more and more difficult, some social media outlets are capitalizing on their ability to bridge the gap between those needs and the organic attention that social platforms provide. Facebook is one of the leaders in this category and has become a vital part of B2B marketing. Not having a Facebook page is almost unheard of now. For it’s vast popularity, Facebook is a fairly new lead generator for your business and marketers are still trying to figure out how to use their time on the right tools. Here are a few tips on how you can use your Facebook to connect with your demographic and how getting those people to your website can turn them into GOLD leads!


Have Something Worth Talking About for Crying Out Loud!

The most important use of a Facebook page is to inform your audience of what you’re all about. There are a wide variety of people that will potentially follow your page, all of whom could be potential customers. But how do you meet them and figure out what they want to see? The rule of thumb for audience engagement is 80/20. Eighty percent of your posts should be fun and interesting for your audience and the remaining twenty percent is for business promotion. This means that direct marketing and self promotion should be limited. Sharing content that is related to your industry is a great way to get way to get your audience involved on your page and encourage them to share content linked to your business.


You Aren’t Seeing Other Business’ Ads by Accident… 

Yep. You fit into your competitions demographic and they are able to rub it in your face every time you open your Facebook page. Fortunately, you can do the same to them. Investing in Facebook Ads is a must if you are struggling to bring followers to your Facebook business page. This is also becoming a key tool on LinkedIn for businesses that are looking to work B2B and want to target them directly. It’s an easy way to send potential leads directly to your website. Getting them to your website isn’t enough, though. You have to convince them to fill out your form and sign up for your newsletters… or maybe you don’t.


3X More Leads and Here’s How!

Here it is! Facebook and LinkedIn are great for getting people to your website and then Visiblee does the rest. Wait… what’s Visiblee? They make what used to be mystery information, well, visible. Using state of the art technology, Visiblee gives you an actual point of contact for exactly who was looking at your page. By identifying leads that are already showing an interest in your website, Visiblee is able to increase your lead volume by 3X! Having a medium like Facebook to put your business name in the minds of your consumer and gives them an easy click to your website. The combination of these two marketing tools is SUCCESS.

I hope this was a helpful tool on your road to success in the world of B2B Marketing!


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