Extend Your Reach and Grab More Eyeballs!

It’s hard to know with every business using the same tools and measurements to guide marketing decisions – but are they getting what they need from their services? On average, most businesses are seeing only 3% of the leads provided by their marketing efforts. Where are those leads coming from?


The answer is Big Data. Big data became popular around 2012 when marketers started realizing how much more data was generated by people in the same social circles or social media. Using data given out my  based on where they are visiting online has been Now this data is how we run the marketing industry, allowing marketers to collect and utilize this data to help make the best decisions based on hard evidence.



Even with all of this new information and tech, businesses are still disappointed with a lack of hot leads and even more so with the cost of getting those leads. Here are a few tips on how you can extend your marketing reach!


Start a Blog

This one seems like a no brainer – but what a lot of businesses don’t put the time or the energy into content that will engage their consumers and encourage them to use their product.

If you’re looking for tips on the best blogs to emulate – Click here! 


Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is a huge platform by which you can reach pretty much anyone in business industry. They have made it easy to connect with other like minded individuals that need your product. You can create a loyal audience and moderate the content yourself. You can post tips, articles and also promote others within your group to let these potential customers know that you are there for their best interest. Asking for feedback from members of your group is also a great way to generate business.


Need help starting a group? – Click here!



Though it isn’t the first that comes to mind when you think of social outreach, YouTube has made it impossibly easy to slip your businesses name in the conversation. By creating content that shows people how to use your product and familiarizes them with the people behind the content.


For more tips on how you can use YouTube – Click Here!


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