5 steps to building a lead nurturing program

When building a lead nurturing program, carefully think it through and follow this simple process – don’t get lost in the excitement of having lots of leads to treat!

1. Identify the cold and warm leads
On the scale of leads, the hot leads are the ones your sales team has to take care of now. Your cold and warm leads are the ones who might be interested in your company’s product or service but who won’t buy right now and they’re the ones that you’re building a lead nurturing program for. Use all the data you can to qualify your leads and put them in the right category.
A lead nurturing strategy also requires you to align your marketing and sales teams. For marketing to be able to nurture leads, they have to clearly know what cold and warm leads are. Visiblee’s lead gen solution scores your leads depending on the time spent on the website, the date of the last visit and the number of pages viewed. Define with both teams what they consider a hot lead in order not to get mixed up and miss opportunities.

2. Segment your audience
If you’re getting started, no need to complicate everything by creating 5 segments with 10 sub-segments each. Start small.
Data will be of great help to enhance segmentation but also to optimise your criteria of segmentation. If you’re unsure which ones are the best, you can test your segments through email campaigns: should you care more about a company’s staff number or about its industry? Think in terms of what you provide and how it is more likely to benefit your audience.
Your ideal target is not always the one you get. But if your product is satisfying for the last, maybe consider working around that.

3. Define your program
You now know whom you’re going to be talking to and managed to put them in segments to ease your process. This third step is about actually writing down what you plan to do:
– Which topic are you going to talk about?
– How many times per month do you intend to reach out to your leads?
– What kind of content are you going to use?

Here’s a simplified version of what your program could look like:

Segment / Date Day 1 Day 15 Day 30
Segment A
Target: Marketing Directors
Sector: Banking
Topic: How digital changes the relationship between people and their bank
Topic: The Guide to Creating Customer Loyalty
Topic: What our digital marketing agency provides
Segment B
Target: Marketing directors
Sector: IoT
Topic: How IoT will disrupt marketing strategies
Topic: Your 2017 digital marketing strategy
Topic: What our digital marketing agency provides

4. Leverage emails
Lead nurturing programs remain based on emails. I recently listed 10 marketing email stats proving that, despite everything, this tool still works fine, B2B included. Take advantage of it!
Thanks to marketing automation, you can also adapt your program to your audience’s behaviour (open and click rates). This, combined with personalisation, will highly benefit your results.

5. Collect, Analyse, Improve
It’s kind of like a content marketing strategy: there’s no end to it. Once you start, you keep going. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pause from time to time to really take the time to evaluate your strategy but the most important is that you collect the data – especially for your marketing automation programs –, that you analyse it and that you deduce the right conclusions and adaptations to your strategy.

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