5 (Free) Handy Tools For Content Marketing

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We all spend time and money trying to provide the best content for our audience. To ease the process, I made a list of five tools that help me in the daily tasks of content crafting.

1. To Plan Ahead
Content marketers need to do a lot of planning. Excel spreadsheets are perfect for it but you can quickly lose control of it if it’s not structured properly. The Content Marketing Institute provides a 100% free template designed for it that will make you want to rework your current planning.

2. To Generate New Ideas
Portent has a free idea generator. You just have to type in your keywords and ideas (titles) around that keyword will instantly pop. Its technology still needs improvement but it still provides good ideas while being fun, fast and easy to use.

3. To Follow Trends
Everyone has a sort of sphere of topics to create content around. Use Google Trends to determine how they’ve been doing in terms of search volume to see if it’s a relevant topic to talk about for you.

4. To Create Infographics
Infographics take an enormous amount of time; research, synthesis and design are very demanding compared to the endgame, which is a single page. Venngage provides various templates to help you gain time with design creation – and with synthesis as a template provides an idea of the number of key numbers you’re going to give your audience.

5. To Proofread your Content
If you write in English and it’s not your native language – or even if it is, you never know -, Grammarly is a free app on which you can write before pasting your text somewhere else. You can also use the plugin in your browser (Mozilla or Chrome), which directly checks your spelling on your web pages (on WordPress for example).

Hope these tools can help!

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