The 2 Goals of Marketing Automation

  • What's marketing automation

Marketing automation is a solution sending automated and personalised emails to your database that adapts its messages depending on a receiver’s reaction to the previous email. It can be used for two different purposes:
–    Turning leads into clients
–    Retaining customers

Converting leads

80% of the leads generated never turn into customers, partly because those leads are not ready to buy yet. As a result, companies either abandon those leads for later or send them a couple of emails from time to time in the hope it will work. A marketing automation program is a solution that avoids these kinds of mistakes by helping you send carefully structured and relevant emails to your leads. It aims at making sure to stay on a lead’s mind and accompanying them on their entire buying journey.
After having run lead gen campaigns and before starting a marketing automation program, a key point is to define your buyers persona to find the best fitting approach to your leads. Qualifying your leads is not a step to overlook before starting with marketing automation. Once you know them and what they want and need, you can get started with content preparation. Depending on your marketing automation solution, you can tailor your content for your priority segment or even for smaller ones.

Retaining Customers

Customer loyalty is a challenge for every company and even more so in B2B as the traditional loyalty programs such as points and cards don’t work. Emailing once again proves its use here and via marketing automation, it is even more efficient. In addition to providing tailored content for your customers, you can keep track of the information you need to be relevant, e.g. all the interactions there have been between your brand and your customer. And if you have the possibility to incorporate it into your CRM, the full history of your relationship with your customer will be available, which, of course, gives great insights on how to talk to that contact.

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