5 Ways Artificial Intelligence improves Marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

As technology keeps improving, product, market and jobs innovations appear. Marketing can now analyse customer behaviour, predict churn and address tens of thousands of people with the right topic through email automation – welcome to marketing 4.0.
Artificial intelligence is said to be one of the most important marketing trends of 2017. So what does it actually bring to marketing?

1. Chatbots

There’s still work to do to make chatbots completely efficient but they sure are going to grow bigger. By helping web visitors who are looking for information, they entirely change the way marketing was perceived and how the relationship between brand and customer was thought. Their instant response aims at improving the customer journey online, but without necessarily replacing the human – bots will be forwarding messaging to the sales rep or technical assistance depending on the question and can take care of visitors until someone is available.
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2. Image implementation

A device scans images and it analyses what they are. Whether it’s food to order from your supermarket, clothes you would want to buy or anything else, it could entirely change the customer experience. The best example of it is DuLight and I strongly encourage watching this video:

3. Personalisation

Under Armour worked with IBM’s Watson to create a fitness app (UA Record) that suits everyone – and adapts to each. With IBM’s technology, the app takes into consideration its user’s behaviour and performance in order to deliver the best program for him/her. The sSame rule of marketing still applies: the more personalised a product/service/app, the more it sells.

4. Recommendations

To stay on IBM and Under Armour’s collaboration, the system is set to integrate external sources such as location, daily schedule, weather, etc. As a result, it adapts to best fit the user and provides improved suggestions for the running path, for example.
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5. Predictive Analytics

Analytics do not simply describe the data as results anymore. Technology now rapidly measures the data and gives out insights while making it understandable to marketers. Trends, results and reactions can be anticipated – which also contributes to reducing the churn.
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