Social Media in B2B #4: YouTube

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This is the last article of our series dedicated to social media in B2B. YouTube isn’t always the first social media we think about. However it has more than one billion users and as we all know, videos are trending. So why not take advantage of it?

The video platform can be used in two contexts for marketing purposes:
– Reaching people through ads
– Promoting your content

Ads can be included in an Adwords campaign but are costly. Even with the possibility to be only charged for a full view, it remains an investment that you should carefully plan with Adwords. If it’s in your future project plans, I encourage you to check this short article about how to spend less on Adwords.
Now I’m going to talk about the content marketing part of YouTube’s usage, for which several options are at your disposal. You can use it for:
– Brand promotion
– Customer testimonials
– Webinars
– Tutorials

Brand promotion

Short videos explaining what you do and what it brings your clients are better than long paragraphs. It’s easier for your audience to understand – especially if your product is complex – but also to add a personal touch. It’s the perfect opportunity to have someone explain in simple words why you’re different and to start building a relationship with your prospects.

Customer testimonials

If you have satisfied customers willing to testify of how great you are, do it! However, do not get trapped by asking questions about you and your product’s features. Include your customer as much as you can: what did it change in their daily work life? What were the results? How did they implement or use your product or service? That’s what we now refer to as “case studies”. If you want to see a great example of case studies, check out Soasta’s website. You can filter the case studies depending on the industries and if you click on a precise one, it’s clear and concise.


A Webinar can be a powerful tool to drive engagement towards your prospects. Placing yourself as an expert and bringing value to people as part of a content marketing strategy creates trust. And by being on YouTube, you also increase your visibility and your audience.
N.B: Interviews can also be a good way to show you are proactive and interested in your industry. Interviewing experts on trending topics that are concrete to your audience will boost up your reputation.


Everybody selling an online solution should have a video tutorial! And if tutorials are meant for your clients, nothing forbids that your potential clients do see it too. It gives them insight on what it would be like to have you as a service supplier. Tutorials are difficult to make “sexy” so what you can do is make a series of short and simple videos to make it more appealing. And the further you advance in your series, the more specific you can be.

Key numbers

A couple of key numbers about videos:

  • YouTube video consumption increases by 100% every year
  • 50% of executive look for more info after seeing a video of a product or service
  • 90% of users say videos help making a purchase decision
  • 80% of users remember a video ad within the next 30 days

Convinced yet?

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