Qualify your leads online

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There are various methods to qualify your leads online regarding both their company and the contact itself:

  • Google / Bing
  • Social Media
  • Various listings
  • Phone
  • Salezeo

In some cases, one tool won’t be enough to get all the info you need. However, the goal is not necessarily to get all the information but to get the ones you need to effectively contact your leads. And for that, Internet is a blessing.
Here are some ideas to help you qualify your leads:

Qualify the company

  • On the client’s website: phone, address, names of the high management, culture
  • Hoovers
  • Press
  • Yellow Pages
  • Other documents


Qualify the contact

  • On Google
  • On Salezeo (professional network with a free version): search over 4.5 million contacts and save the ones that interest you. You can filter by name, company, size of the company, location, revenues, etc.
  • On Social Media

It’s not a secret that social media have become a great source of information for a lot of different topics, including for prospection. LinkedIn is, of course, the number one B2B social media but you can also find interesting information on Twitter or Facebook that will help you “profiling” your contact. And it’s also a great tool to contact them directly (on professional platforms) and to share relevant content to your target on your own profile.


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