4 benefits to Account-Based Marketing

While content marketing keeps rolling on popularity, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) might be the next big thing everybody talks about in B2B marketing.
Marketers are used to many marketing techniques like SEO, SEA, display, content marketing, mobile first, etc. So why not try a new one?

What’s Account-Based Marketing?

ABM is a strategic B2B marketing approach that aims at focusing human and financial resources on key accounts co-defined by the marketing and sales teams. These key accounts are the targets matching a company’s ideal targets for its product or service.

From this moment on, all efforts from the marketing and sales team will be focused on answering each account’s needs and meet their expectations. That involves, for example, a personalisation of the messages sent no matter the chosen channel.

ABM also intervenes in post-sale customer lifecycle by optimising the customer relationship and thus improving the customer experience as a whole.

The Benefits

Following are the 4 main benefits of this approach:

Sales-marketing alignment

When one decides to take the ABM approach, the necessity that marketing and sales collaborate must stay on their mind. While it’s not always easy to achieve, it’s one of the main advantages of the technique. Their collaboration starts right from the beginning with the establishment of the key accounts, thus aligning them strategically and helping the sales team feel involved in the strategy.

An impactful message

Personalization leads to better results. By establishing ahead the strategic accounts, clear objectives are set and prioritising the actions to put in place becomes easier. The communication strategy then follows a logical path that increases its impact.


The narrower your target, the easier it is to correctly measure the results of the marketing actions rather than creating approximations based on too many factors. Conclusions are clear and following-up on the metrics is made easier.


According to Alterra’s research, 97% of marketers say that ABM has a higher or much higher ROI than other marketing actions. It can partly be explained by the precise targeting and the fact that the allocated resources are not wasted in actions where the results are unsure.

So you know what to do!

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