15 Marketing Blogs You Should Follow in 2017

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Get ready to kick off 2017 with the right tools! I made a list of 15 marketing blogs that will accompany you in your marketing journey.

Generic Marketing

1. Marketing Land
Marketing Land talks about everything regarding marketing and has a large base of articles, topics, community…

2. HubSpot
Like for Marketing Land, no need to introduce HubSpot. This blog is a reference to get marketing and sales tips.

3. Wishpond
Wishpond offers long, detailed content about marketing and growth hacking issues. Their articles are well written and provide a lot of info.

4. The Moz Blog
The Moz Blog talks about generic marketing stuff but also has a speciality in SEO.

Content & referencing

5. The Content Marketing Institute
Anything that exists in content marketing can be found somewhere in this blog.

6. Wideo
Videos are definitely the most trending (and growing) content for marketers and it now has a blog dedicated to it. Wideo gives all the tips and numbers that will convince you for good to start using videos now.

7. This is Nadya
This is Nadya delivers on two main topics: content marketing and SEO. That’s a good thing because one is linked to the other.

8. SEMrush
SEO, SEA and PPC have no secret for SEMrush. If you want to talk about referencing your website and if you already have some knowledge of it, then this blog is made for you.


9. Copyblogger
If you’re in charge of a website or blog, Copyblogger will help you to write correctly in terms of content, design and SEO to post only top-performing articles.

Social Media

10. The Social Media Examiner
Everything you need to know about social media can be found on this famous blog.

11. Buffer
Buffer is also a famous blog for social media. It’s a bit more general than The Social Media Examiner and talks a lot about global social media strategy while the other gives more insight on specific platforms.


12. Gary Vaynerchuk
It’s kind of hard to clearly put this blog in a category so I went with branding. More accurately, his entrepreneur and influencer (@GaryVee) has a blog dedicated to becoming successful. It’s motivational, it’s inspiring and it’s based on his own (rich) experience. You should definitely have a look.


13. Marketing Experiments
Sometimes it’s good to read long, detailed articles about marketing research. Marketing is about testing and this blog is (partly) doing it for you.


14. Insight Marketing Design
Design is relevant to marketing and yet it’s often forgotten in the blog topics. People simply want to do the most beautiful thing and attract clicks, but they don’t really know how. Insight Marketing Design can help whoever’s unsure on how to generate more traffic or leads improving their design.


15. Analytics Talk
It’s great to use all these tools but you have to follow-up on how they do. That’s why Analytics Talk is here. Justin Cutroni (@JustinCutroni) writes about how to analyse your results and to leverage this analysis. It’s great to have it if you tend to do your thing and kind of forget to check your results with precision.


16. MotivationGrid
2017 is just around the corner and we all need some inspiration and motivation. MotivationGrid is a blog that accompanies people through challenges and successes. If you like to read inspiring stuff, go check it out!


  • Dr Fazal Mahmood | Dr Fazal Mahmoud 15 March 2017 (10 h 48 min)

    I like your blog

    • Justine Gavriloff
      Justine Gavriloff 15 March 2017 (14 h 02 min)

      Thanks a lot! I’ll try to keep up the work! 🙂

  • Eleanor Bennett 13 March 2017 (14 h 18 min)

    Incredible list, I’ll be sure to bookmark all of these blogs.

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