[Recap Webinar] Putting in place a marketing automation program

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Last Friday Visiblee hosted its monthly half-hour long Webinar. We talked about marketing automation to help you establish your strategy and get started with it. Here are the most important points to remember.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation can be defined as “the automation of actions and campaigns dedicated to the optimisation of lead generation and lead management”.
According to a 2015 Marketo study, only 25% of your leads are sales-ready while 25% are simply not part of your target. The remaining 50% are not ready to buy yet – so what do you do with them? A marketing automation program aims at solving the volume and efficiency issues that companies face with the numerous leads they, have all while bringing the leads to being sales-ready.

It aims at:

  • Producing, organising et promoting content
  • Optimising this content’s lead generation
  • Qualifying and scoring your leads
  • Manage and nurture your leads with lead nurturing

How to put it in place

Producing content

Some ideas of content you can share:

  • EBooks, studies, infographics
  • Webinar
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Client success stories
  • Videos
  • News
  • Games

Give your leads useful content: teach them something, solve one of their problems, help them…
But be careful not to waste too much time on it! Use the content you already have first.

Optimising lead generation

Use a landing page to generate leads – it’s its sole purpose. Place what’s important above the fold and avoid putting any outside links on it. For more details, check how to optimise your landing page.

Qualifying and scoring leads

It’s a key element of marketing automation. Before you start sending emails, define with precision to whom you are going to send which emails. The more précised your qualification is, the more it’ll impact your leads!
Visiblee can help you with this issue. It offers you a scoring of your leads depending on the time spent on your website, the recency, the frequency and the number of pages viewed.

Lead nurturing

A lead nurturing program using marketing automation will ensure a constant presence of your brand in your prospect’s mind.
Plan ahead carefully the rhythm of your emails. You don’t want to send too many of them not too few; however remember that you should send more emails in the beginning of your program before spacing them. The minimal length of a program should be between 3 and 6 months.
The issue of boring your lead with the same content used over and over again is also something you should consider. So think about:

  • Changing the formats: as mentioned above there are plenty you can use. Share a video from time to time; send a text email, etc.
  • Personalising your emails: you will look more human and your content will be matching your lead’s preferred topics and their needs, etc.

Get started!

Get started now! You can improve later on your strategy, content, topics and frequency to meet your prospects’ expectations. The “test & learn” method can help you:

  • Implement small projects within a bigger one
  • Get a reporting on each small project
  • Fix the issues at the different stages of the bigger one

That way you can identify what goes right and what goes wrong at each stage of the “big project” that is converting your leads into clients. Identify the small projects as each step of the conversion process: open rate, click rate, reactivity, etc.

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