[Tuto] Using Visiblee to qualify leads

Each month we are going to explain you a couple of features, old or new, of our lead generation solution Visiblee. We want you to optimise your usage of our tool and we realise that you may not know all of the small features it includes. So today we are going to show you how to qualify your leads even more precisely.

Visiblee already has a scoring system based on our algorithm that tells you whether your lead is close to purchasing your product or not ready yet. You can have a “cold lead”, “warm lead” or “hot lead”. In addition to this, below are tools that will help you qualify them even further.

Contact interactions

Update: In the “contacts” section, you can see your contacts and decide what to do.

Since our latest update at the end of last week, you can also see two types of icons:

means your contact received an email from the marketing automation we set up

means your contact visited your website

Identify leads depending on the acquisition channel

When you’re on the Visiblee tab you can filter the identification of your web visitors whether they come from your website or your emailing campaign.

This filter allows you to see your leads and their information as well as the scoring we gave them.

There are two kinds of icons you can then see:

  This icon indicates that we managed to identify the actual person who visited your website

This icon indicates the number of contacts we have in our database and who work at the company that visited your website. By clicking on the company’s name next to it, you can directly access the list of these contacts.

Update: The icons you see on the right of the image show that we have in our base a nominative email address, a phone number and/or a social network.

Visualise your leads’ information and behaviour in one click

Select the “plus” (which turns into a minus) next to the company name to see the details regarding their visits.

By clicking on the icon shown below, you can access a page (2nd image below) that will provide all the info you need to qualify your lead and start prospecting in the right conditions!

Alert your sales team via email when you assign them a contact

It’s very easy and will improve your team’s productivity. To do so, follow these three steps:

  • Click on your name
  • Go to “My settings” and click on “My tasks”
  • Tick the box “Activate contact assignment notifications”

And it’s done!

We hope we made it clear! If you have questions about our functionalities or our solution in general, you’re welcome to leave a comment or to contact us directly via email or Twitter.


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