Social media: 5 tools with 5 objectives

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Lots of tools for community managers exist and people have their favourites that they like to use and feel comfortable with. But sometimes it’s good to be reminded that new tools – especially for social media management – regularly appear. So if you’re interested in switching or discovering new ones, here’s a list of social media tools for you.

To check on trends

Nuzzel is a free tool that allows you to follow the trending topics on Twitter and Facebook. You can easily see which article was shared the most among your friends, fans, followers and influencers. You can then know which topic you should talk about to create engagement.

To share content


With Limber you can plan your publications sharing content. It’s not Hootsuite or Buffer but I find this social media tool really efficient when it comes to knowing what content works best depending on the platform. You can add all the sources of content you want and Limber gives you their latest articles that you can then share easily.

To analyse your results

Cyfe is a great tool to get detailed analytics on how you’re doing on social media. It’s free and it helps you follow the performances of your content depending on the social media you chose as well as performance on sales, client support, etc.

To analyse your links

It might be the most common tool of this list but I still think it has its perks and is worth using. It’s free and perfect to track the links you’re sharing. Limber takes care of the links you share on their platform, but what about the rest? Bitly tells you how many people clicked your link, on which social media, where and when. Everything you need to improve content, platform and timing.

To check on your competitors

You can analyse the Facebook and Twitter accounts of your competitors with Mondovo. You can see how many times a day they post, the number of followers/fans they have as well as their engagement…
+ : You can also use it to manage your SEO!
– : You have to pay for every feature you want – but we’re talking about cents so it’s still affordable.

What do you think about these social media tools? Do you use any of them? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to give me your suggestions or opinions on this list!

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