6 mistakes that impact your conversion rate

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If despite the money you keep on spending to acquire new leads, your conversion rate doesn’t increase, there’s a good chance you’re making one or several mistakes that strongly impact your company ​ROI.
When one thinks about the reasons why they chose asolution ​rather than ​another, price is rarely the one and only criteria. You might need quality products for your company​. You​ also​ want to trust the company you’re going to sign a deal with for the next ​couple of years… So let’s leave the price ​out of the picture ​and consider 6 ​mistakes​​ you might be doing that ​impact​ the conversion rate of your leads.

1. Being self-centred

Nobody likes self-centred people. It’s the same in marketing. Your “interest” is your target. Take a look at your messages and if all you see is “I” with how great your product is and how impressive your accomplishments are, change it. Go from “I” to “you”.
Think about your leads. To turn them into clients, you have to take care of them and be interested in them. That means asking the right questions: What do they want? What do they need? What’s really going to benefit them? What are their criteria of choice?

2. Not engaging

In less than 2 seconds most people have already decided whether or not they’re going to click. Compare your results to find out what content worked best – it will help you move in the right direction.

3. Being too serious

It’s not easy to keep a professional image if you share a GIF of cats falling down… But even in B2B, you’re a human being. If you make people laugh or attract the attention with a bit of fun, people will positively remember you. You can share laughable content linked to the business environment, your industry… something your target can identify itself to.

4. Not giving any support

They’re not clients, so why bother?
Wrong! You should definitely bet on your support. Put yourself in your lead’s shoes. When you’re hesitating between two companies to buy a product or service from, which one do you pick? The one where there was a nice person always available for you, ready to answer all of your questions and who answered (or called back) quickly. That’s how you create trust and motivate your lead to choose you instead of your competitor.

5. Not giving a reason to contact you

That’s the famous “call-to-action”. And yet it’s still rather often forgotten (or poorly done). A CTA redirecting to a good landing page is always what you should aim for in your campaigns. The goal is that your lead takes action. And for that to happen you should first give them the possibility to take action

6. Having a slow website

If you don’t pay attention, you won’t even realise it – but how many times did you close a tab because the website was taking too much time to load? Today visitors want a result almost instantly otherwise they get frustrated and leave. Regularly check your website to see how it’s doing! PageSpeed – recomended by Google – is for example a good tool to know your website’s loading performance.

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