[Recap Webinar] The marketing tools of 2016

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This morning Visiblee hosted a Webinar in French about the new marketing tools of 2016 that will help you improve your results. We thought it was unfair that the non-French speaking readers we have couldn’t follow so we decided to make a short summary of what was said. Below are five marketing tools you should know about.

1. Sniply

What’s it for? Increasing the traffic on your website
How? Add a call-to-action on each link you share
Free and pay versions available

2. Instapage

What’s it for? Creating efficient landing pages
How? Create landing pages easily and rapidly with the possibility of A/B testing
Free 30-day trial and subscription from 29 to 127$ per month

3. Visiblee

What’s it for? Generating and converting leads
How? Identify the visitors on your website and get their contact info and then convert them with the lead nurturing program
Free 10-day trial; cost per lead between 10 and 20€

4. Zendesk

What’s it for? Creating a direct contact with your leads
How? Online chat on your website
Free and pay versions available

5. SimilarWeb

What’s it for? Benchmarking
How? Analyse the web traffic of your competitors
Free and pay versions available

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