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A couple of weeks ago we talked about what you need to know about content marketing before actually working on a strategy. Now that you do, time to build that strategy! That’s why we made a list of the things you need to consider.

Your target

Create content for the right people! You need to divide your audience into segments, to qualify it, to find out what they are interested in and to stay at their reach. Targeting is the basis of all content marketing strategy.

The subject

You need to know before hand what you are going to talk about and to stay on that theme. Of course it has to be rather broad for you to be able to keep talking about it but stay on it. Continuity is key to success in content marketing.

The frequency

Same as for the subject: once you’ve chosen it, you keep it like that. The purpose is to show your audience that you are serious and dedicated. And to show it, we suggest that you keep the dates of your publications visible or that you write something like “daily post”, “weekly reminder” etc. when you publish on social media… It shows consistency and makes you look reliable.


It is now an important part of a content marketing strategy. Your pictures, icons and others must illustrate your point in a serious or funny way depending on the strategy you adopted.


The platform, the subject and the design.
Post on your website, your blog, social media, use Webinars, podcasts, videos… Try to create sub-categories for your generic theme so that you can present diversified content (text) to your audience and formats (pictures, info-graphics, videos…). It’s the best way for them not to get bored.


There’s the less fun part of content marketing. A content marketing strategy does not aim at furnishing something to read but at increasing brand awareness, generating leads and clients. Thanks to what you publish, you will be able to bring forward a variety of keywords on which you want to be known. In addition to keywords, consistency in your publications, variety of content and semantic of your website are also elements to work on to improve your SEO.


Once your content is published, you need to promote it. No matter its quality, if you do not tell people that you published something, they won’t know about it. It is a step that you should not underestimate if you don’t want to waste your efforts.


The call-to-action (CTA) is as important on an e-commerce website as on a blog. It’s not just a button “subscribe to our newsletter!” – it’s also an incitation to share, comment, give their opinion, read another article, find out more about your product or service, etc.

Your goal

Why write, share and promote? To generate sales. Whether it’s through the CTA to buy your product or by increasing brand awareness, remember that the endgame is to convert and sell.
So here’s a list of the main points you need to consider when establishing a content marketing strategy. This list is non-exhaustive; don’t hesitate to add your own ideas you think are right for your target audience. But remember to check your results to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

I hope I helped you in your work! Don’t hesitate to share or comment the article. If you have questions, I’ll be glad to answer them or to discuss with you about content marketing strategy!

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