To convert your leads, spoil them!

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To get new clients, lead generation is key… to the point where some people forget that it is not enough. You have to turn those leads into customers. That’s why today we’re going to talk about conversion. And there’s one way to do it: spoiling your leads.

What would you say is the most important word in marketing?

Ask this question to marketers around you and you’ll see that many will happily answer “free”. With the new business models that are popping in every industry, it seems that companies desperately want to offer free stuff to be differentiated and convert their leads.
But the correct answer actually is “you”.
When you target someone through a marketing campaign, you want to talk directly to them so that they feel concerned. That’s how you get a response, a contact, an interest… People who read your messages, whatever the form of those messages – emails, ads, tweets, etc. – are individuals like you and me, even in B2B. And they want to know what you actually bring them both for themselves and their company. So treat your lead like an individual, not a prospect.

Work on your FAQ

Always keep your lead in mind. Even if you’re sure that you’ve been clear in your explanations, it is more than likely that they still have unanswered questions whose response could trigger a purchase. They may not want or have the time to write an email or call you they will look for an answer on your website. So give them one! Work with your sales team and client rep to establish a list of frequently asked questions and share it online. Word of advice: be as visual as possible. Less text, more icons or images and your FAQ will be even better.

Give your hot leads priority

This is no news: hot leads are the easiest to turn into customers. That’s where your sales team comes in. Here are two important things to do:

Regular follow-up

An email or a phone call from time to time doesn’t hurt. Make sure they know that you’re there if they have questions and that you’re available for them. It’s easy and it really helps them engage.

Ask them questions

Show them that you care while subtly reminding them to buy. For example you can write them an email such as: “we haven’t heard from you in over a week. Did you get all the info you needed to make a decision? We remain at your disposal if you have further questions.” By opening the dialog, you encourage them to tell you what they want so that you can adapt to their needs.

Don’t abandon your cold leads!

The cold (or warm) leads may not be ready to buy your product or service right now but one day they will be. Make sure they buy from you and not a competitor! Emailing is proven to be quite effective as part of a lead nurturing program. It’s also easy thanks to marketing automation. If you’re hesitating to implement marketing automation, you can find here a list of pros and cons.

Conclusion: Take care of the leads you already have! Getting new ones is useless if you don’t convert.

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