Big Data as a marketing tool

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Big Data as a marketing tool

Big Data is a very trendy concept… People have accepted it as large bubble of data collected from individuals and used by companies. It is particularly efficient to help marketing actions and redefined what marketing is. It is easier, faster, has more impact… B2B marketers gained a lot from it. In this article I will talk about what it actually changed in the daily life of a marketer.

What is Big Data?


Big Data became popular around 2012 when we realised how much data “connected people” generated. The revolution that followed came from the fact that we started analysing them, which broadened the possibilities of pretty much everything.


But now Big Data is more than just a massive quantity of data (which was so big we couldn’t analyse them without a special software or technique). Today we talk about it more in terms of its use, both for people to improve their lives with products adapted to them and for companies to ease their activity.
We can for example talk about Big Data serving the health sector with more details about a patient’s state or educational sector with new interactive tools adapted to the child’s profile, etc. From the hotel sector to factory production, aviation or retail industry, lots of sectors can benefit from it. No earlier than today, I read an article (in French) about Big Data being used for food labelling.


It’s impossible to talk about Big Data without talking about people’s response to it. Media and many people consider it some sort of data “thievery” and we often hear words like “massive espionage” of individuals just to increase profits when discussing it. However if there is a debate regarding the collection methods used, it is currently almost impossible not to be a part of it. Software, devices, applications and connected objects all generate data to be reused. The first example that comes to my mind is the mandatory acceptation of cookies from a website in order to be able to surf on it.

How does it help marketing?

As marketers, we are also affected by Big Data. It helps on several levels:


Before Big Data companies had to sort of guess their target and then create it manually with each new client and prospect. Now all this data is collected on a database – often a CRM – that will keep you up-to-date (if that CRM is itself up-to-date!). More and more filters are created to be as precise as possible – which also can help you spend much less on ads! On another level, it also helps you target your audience with an easy analysis of your followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Sorting out leads

Qualifying your leads was always complicated. The sales person was the only one capable of saying where the lead was currently standing regarding your product or service. Today technology will sort out your leads and prioritise them with a scoring system (like Visiblee).
In addition, you can find contacts more easily and thus prospects more easily. Whether it’s with the Internet, LinkedIn or Salezeo (which regroups 10 million companies), finding contacts is easier than ever. No need to look through directories and announcements to get a phone number or email!

Lead nurturing

When you have a lead that’s not ready to purchase yet, what do you do? Send emails written one by one and call hoping to get the right person on the phone?
You use marketing automation. Sending automated emails will help you increase your impact with a more precise targeting and help you spare time. Here you can find a list of pros and cons of marketing automation to help you decide whether or not you should go for it.

Following-up on clients

The existing tools at your disposal will help you increase clients’ satisfaction. Your follow-ups will be regular and you won’t forget to answer thanks to alerts and reminders and you’ll answer faster! Big Data allows you to automatize everything which leads to a more professional and personal relation with your clients.

I hope to have helped you understand a bit better what Big Data is and how it helps marketer! More and more frequent innovations now appear because someone found out how to analyse a certain type of data and turn it into a tool. In marketing, CRM, analytics and growth hacking tools are all here to help thanks to Big Data. All these solutions are at your disposal to increase your ROI!
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