Lead generation forms: 5 uncommon strategies to increase conversion rates

How do I get people to fill my form?

Forms sit at one of the most critical points in your marketing funnel – the point at which a visitor can become a lead. But despite the importance forms have, we rarely give them the attention they deserve. Below are five strategies you can use to take your forms to the next level.

1. Reduce clicks-to-complete

When Microsoft released Windows Vista, fewer people shut down their PCs. Why? It turns out that Microsoft updated its shutdown command from a button to a dropdown box. This trivial change meant that users now had to click three times to shut their computer down instead of once. This small amount of additional effort led to a significant decrease in people using the feature. So imagine what a small change in your form could do. Tip: Count the number of clicks-to-complete before releasing a form.

2. Focus on motivation & outcomes

Motivate people!

People use forms to achieve an outcome. The outcome your users are trying to achieve has a large impact on your conversion rate. So tell them ahead why it’s a good thing that they complete the form. It’s a common tactic used by e-commerce website when they try to persuade you to create an account, offering a X% discount as a welcome gift.

3. First impressions count

In half a second, your visitor can decide whether or not they’re going to fill that form. But design isn’t just graphics. It’s also turn dropdown box into clickable images, motivate your visitor with indicators like “Step 1 on 3” or “Only two clicks left!”. And if you’re using a (long) single-step form, don’t hesitate to change it into a several-steps form.

4. Don’t be afraid to make lead generation forms visual

Yes, it’s also design-related. But no, it’s not just adding images to click. There are a lot of things that can de done to make forms visual. You can use icons like this one    instead of writing “phone number”, or use a locker to show your visitor’s info are safe, etc. Even in B2B, forms can be informal. You can aim at making your form look like a sort of quizz to make it more fun.

5. Use cognitive biases to your advantage

Cognitive biases make the brain make illogical decisions. They can be thought of as ‘mental shortcuts’, such as jumping to the conclusion that a restaurant with a queue outside must be good.
One of these is called the “endowed progress effect” which showed that people are more likely to complete something if there is an illusion that progress has already been made. For example if in your form the progress bar starts one third complete, subtly indicating that by seeing the first step you’ve already made progress, people are more likely to complete it. There are hundreds of cognitive biases at your dispense. Use them!

Article from EConsultancy, available here.

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