7 things you need to know about content marketing

If I write they’ll come, right?
According to some people, this is how content marketing works. Unfortunately creating content is a little bit more complicated than that. Of course content marketing remains one of the most efficient techniques to increase brand awareness. But it has to be done properly.

Publish an article here and there and retweet from time to time is enough? No.
If you answered yes, here are 7 truths you need to know:

      1. Important efforts are mandatory
Creating content might seem easy. However nowadays content must be particularly well done to generate results. That means it is published at the right time, engaging, interesting, diverting and many others. This content must be written in a language that the ideal target understands and that reflects their values and interests.

      2. It takes time… lots of it
When they start creating content, people often assume that a couple of hours per week will be enough. But in order to be efficient, a strategy asks a lot of time: you must find a topic that will captivate your audience, brainstorm, do your research, write and then edit and publish and promote your content. And this is something that must be done several times a week.

      3. You must think on the long-term
Another mistake is to assume that you can create and publish lots of content and then just relax. But it is actually a full-time job – there’s no end to it. What’s more all the efforts you put into it won’t necessarily pay right away; you have to be patient.

      4. Creating content is not free
If you chose content marketing because it’s cheap, you got it all wrong. Maybe writing and publishing are free per se, but it’s still an investment. First because it takes time and second because you have to pay people who can do it, from a dedicated and talented writer to those promoting your content or someone checking the search optimisation… it is not free.

      5. Creating content is just a first step
Even qualitative content is not enough to miraculously attract qualified visitors on your website. You have to promote that content to the write audience and through the right channels which also takes time and efforts.

      6. Content must be optimised and SEO is always changing If you want your content to be seen and to touch the right people, it has to be optimised according to the SEO’s best practices. Unfortunately, Google often changes its algorithms, which directly affects all the SEO efforts you produced. That’s why it’s important to always stay up-to-date or to hire a writer who is aware of this.

      7. It is crucial to be organised
Before starting, you must decide on a clear strategy so that all the efforts you put are not wasted. Even if creating content right away is tempting, the first step remains to establish a strategy – and don’t forget to adapt it if necessary!

All in all the point is: don’t over-estimate content marketing. It is very efficient if done properly and will definitely get you results but it remains an investment both in terms of money and time, and it’s not as easy to produce as it seems.

Article inspired by business.com, available here.

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